Design Forschung – Visual Coexistence

Contributions to the SNSF research project «Visual Coexistence – Informationsdesign and Typograph in the Intercultural Field»(2012–2015). The research team, led by Ruedi Baur and Ulrike Felsing, investigate and analyse visual graphics form different cultures and identify their specific principles of representation, through the realization of illustrations, infographics and visual analyzes. The research project resulted in a book edited by Lars Müller Publishers.


Edited by Ruedi Baur, Ulrike Felsing, Civic City and HEAD Genève

With contributions by Ruedi Baur, Sébastien Fasel, Ulrike Felsing, Fabienne Kilchör, Eva Lüdi Kong, Marco Maione, Roman Wilhelm


Layout design from Ulrike Felsing, Jeannine Moser and Roman Wilhelm

16,5 × 24 cm, 312 pages, 193 illustrations

paperback 2020



02 visual coexistence
03 visual coexistence
05 visual coexistence
06 visual coexistence
08 visual coexistence
09 visual coexistence
13 visual coexistence
14 visual coexistence
16 visual coexistence
17 visual coexistence
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