 Diglû  
  
  diglu.ch

Diglû is a geo­me­tric sans-serif type­face, desi­gned in ten weights from Hair­line to Black. The font cur­rently inclu­des more than 1500 cus­to­mi­zed picto­grams in dif­fe­rent weights. The icons are visual­ly inte­gra­ted in the linear font. Big con­trasts and white spa­ces in both let­ters and picto­grams make the font reada­ble in small size down to 6pt.

Diglû can be used in text as well as head­lines, for maps or info­gra­phics, in print or for web usage. The font was ori­gi­nally deve­lo­ped in a scien­ti­fic con­text to assist non-designers to use picto­grams inde­pen­dently. Please ask for perso­na­li­zed picto­grams for your own use. The icon-set can be fur­ther exten­ded.

In use