Founded in 2010, Emphase is a communication design agency based in Lausanne and Bern. We are experts in visual communication, information design and iconography and are committed to giving each project a distinctive character with individual aesthetics and its own design language. 

Our mission is to get to the heart of the content and convey information in a targeted manner. We support our clients not only in terms of design, but also conceptually and in an advisory capacity - from the choice of media to a comprehensive communication strategy and design solutions. Always driven by our boundless curiosity and passion for good design.


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Dr. Fabienne Kilchör

Founder and Partner, AD, Graphic Designer

A passionate designer with a penchant for detail, thoughtful conceptualiser, critical thinker and stringent planner. At the  interface between design, research and teaching, Fabienne pursues a holistic approach to knowledge transfer. Layouting printed matter and designing information graphics are her  passion. As a nature-loving  forest owner, and an  archaeologist and a mother with a passion for handicrafts, she likes things to be visual, analogue and tangible, but also sometimes experimentally different.
Since 2015: Director of Continuing Education CAS DataViz and CAS Generative Data Design, HEABSince 2010: Founder and Partner, Emphase Sàrl, graphic design agency2017 – 2019: Researcher, University of Bern, Institute of German Studies2014 – 2017: Scientific Collaborator – PhD Thesis, University of Bern, Institute of Archaeological Sciences, Swiss National Fund (SNF)2010 – 2014: Scientific Collaborator, HEAB (Bern University of the Arts), research focus: Knowledge Visualization2013 – 2017: Adjunct Professor of Infographics and Data Design, HEAD – Geneva2009 – 2012: Assistant in Visual Communication, HEAD – Geneva2009 – 2010: Independent Graphic Designer within the collective "La Fonderie" in Carouge2007 – 2009: Junior Graphic Designer, Avenew Visual Communication SA2004 – 2008: HES Designer in Visual Communication, HEAD – Geneva
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Sébastien Fasel

Founder and Partner, Graphic Designer

Half-Colombian and a former snowboarder, his passion for the mountains and skateboarding deeply influences his graphic approach. A tennis enthusiast, crime novel reader, and dinosaur aficionado, he's also captivated by scientific popularization and keeps a keen eye on current affairs.
Since 2015: CFC Graphic Design Expert, ERACOM, LausanneSince 2010: Founder and Partner at Emphase Sàrl, Graphic Design Agency2023: Continuing Education in Artificial Intelligence and Creative Coding at HEAD–Geneva2013 – 2017: Adjunct Professor of Infographics and Data Design, HEAD–Geneva2009 – 2010: Independent Graphic Designer within the collective "La Fonderie" in Carouge2006: ERASMUS Exchange in Barcelona, Escola Massana2005 – 2009: Bachelor of Arts HES-SO in Visual Communication, HEAD – Geneva2003 – 2005: CFC in Graphic Design, ERACOM
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Deborah Steffen

Graphic Designer

Deborah is passionate about visual branding, infographic animation, website design and marketing. Her passion for books, typography, printing techniques, colour concepts and thoughtful design compositions is reflected in her work. Her spirit of experimentation extends to both analogue and digital media, always considering contemporary approaches. Deborah is an art enthusiast with a keen interest in modern and contemporary art. She attends exhibitions, immerses herself in art books from various periods and draws inspiration from artists such as Gabriele Münter, Lee Krasner, Yayoi Kusama and Louise Bourgeois. She also collects limited-edition books with special printing techniques and, when on holiday, explores art book fairs and specialist bookshops to add to her collection.
Since 2022: Graphic Designer, Emphase Sàrl, Bern2019 – 2022: Responsible for print marketing, Stämpfli Verlag2019: Internship at Studio VIE (AT)2018: Internship at Büro Zwoi (CH)2017: Internship at Atelier Pol (CH)2014 – 2018: Fachklasse Grafik, Lucerne2013 – 2014: Preparatory Design Course, Langenthal

Alice Laurent

Graphic Designer

Raised in both a French and English household, Alice would immerse herself in her parents' vinyl collection for hours. The layouts, colors, and compositions always held a fascination for her. Even today, editorial content, illustrations, and music remain her guilty pleasures. An eternal optimist, Alice draws inspiration from the little things in daily life, nature, print, as well as artisanship and crafted objects. She envisions graphic design as a true blend of disciplines where photography, typography, and illustrations all serve emotions and messages.
Since 2022: Graphic Designer at Emphase Sàrl, Lausanne2012 – 2022: Founder of Aka Alice Ltd, independent graphic designer for English publishing houses, London and Lausanne2007 – 2012: Graphic Designer for the publishing house Hodder & Stoughton (Hachette UK), London2005 – 2007: Graphic Designer at Angebault-Portenier and within the independent collective, Lausanne2003 – 2005: CFC in Graphic Design, ERACOM2001 – 2003: DEUG in Performing Arts (theatre, cinema, dance, photography), Lyon II University2000: Preparatory Year in Applied Arts and Design, Bellecour School, Lyon